Welcome in my Qniversum!

All my paintings are Q’s. Q’s are called Q because they all expres something round and it is the Question what you experience as onlooker of a Q. Q’s are “minimal art” with huge effect. Q’s influence as well the onlooker as their surroundings and they seem to be bigger than they in fact are. My Qniversum exists of a few Q-series. Each Q-series encloses more versions in different colours and dimensions. In order not to impose the experience of a Q on you, all Q’s have a number as title. For example QIV-3, which is the third Q of the fourth series. What you experience of QIV-3 is up to you.

Experience the ultimate painting

The Q is for me as a painter the ultimate painting. The ultimate painting doesn’t represent an experience, for example of a landscape or portrait, but makes in itself the experience for the onlooker at the moment he or she looks at the Q. Ultimate paintings are abstract paintings which can cause a realistic experience and the other way around. Many onlookers tell me about their experience with a Q, and they surprise me a lot. People have quite different experiences. The Q’s in this website give an good first impression, but it is much better to see them in real life for a good experience.

Q’s and the spirit of the age

Q’s embody the current spirit of the age. People are in need of calmness and deepening. My Q’s offer just that, especially because they should be looked on for a long time and slowly, only then they give you a true experience, and later on often and a lot. Q’s are “slow paintings”.

Technical remarks

All Q’s are painted with acrylics on square canvasses. Behind the Q-number is the size in centimeters in brackets mentioned: QVII-2 [130x130cm]. Some canvasses are rectangular. Only the QV-series contains linocuts on paper.

P.S. My paintings are ultimate, my English is not. I hope mistakes don’t bother you while reading.